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    Product details Crimping- and Specialtools

    Compare: 21246743023
    Description:SDE Crimp die set Junior-Power-Timer, cable range 0.50-2.50mm²
    TGS Number:900000965
    Capacity:0.50-1.00, 0.50-1.00, 1.25-2.50, 1.25-2.50
    Cable Diameter:0.50-2.50
    Contact Family:
    • Tyco/AMP Standard-Timer female terminal
    • Tyco/AMP Junior Timer female terminal
    • GHW MDK 4 female terminal
    • Tyco/AMP Junior Power Timer female terminal
    • Aptiv ATS 2.8 female terminal
    • GHW AFK 2.8 female terminal
    • Tyco/AMP Fastin-Faston 2.8 (.110) male terminal
    • Tyco/AMP Timer male terminal 2.8 symmetric
    • Tyco/AMP CPC/CI 2 socket (.062 ECONOMY SOCKET CIC)
    • Tyco/AMP CI 2/Multimate type III pin terminal
    • Tyco/AMP Fastin-Faston 4.8mm(187) female flag terminal
    • Tyco/AMP Fastin-Faston 6.3 (250) female terminal tangless
    Standard Contacts:
    ContactDescriptionCable Dimensions
    927777Junior-Power-Timer female terminal1.50-2.50
    927779Junior-Power-Timer female terminal0.50-1.00
    927781Junior-Power-Timer female terminal1.50-2.50
    927783Junior-Power-Timer female terminal0.50-1.00
    928818Fastin-Faston .110 male terminal
    928876Junior-Power-Timer female terminal0.50-1.00
    963885Junior-Power-Timer female terminal1.50-2.50

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