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SKU: 2063645-1

Product details Crimping- and Specialtools

Compare: 539742-2
Description:SDE Crimp tool SDE FASTON 6.3 [.250] Flag, Junior Timer, Junior-Power-Timer, Standard-Timer and CI-2, cable range 0.50-2.50mm² - OBSOLETE - see 539742-2
TGS Number:900001086
Capacity:0.50-1.00, 0.50-1.00, 1.25-2.50
Cable Diameter:0.50-2.50
Contact Family:
  • Tyco/AMP Standard-Timer female terminal
  • Tyco/AMP Junior Timer female terminal
  • Tyco/AMP Junior Power Timer female terminal
  • Tyco/AMP CPC/CI 2 socket (.062 ECONOMY SOCKET CIC)
  • Tyco/AMP Multimate Pin Type III+ pin size 1.57 terminal
  • Tyco/AMP CI 2/Multimate type III pin terminal
  • Tyco/AMP Fastin-Faston 6.3 (.250) female flag terminal
  • Tyco/AMP Fastin-Faston 4.8mm(187) female flag terminal
  • Tyco/AMP Fastin-Faston 6.3 (250) female terminal tangless
Standard Contacts:
ContactDescriptionCable Dimensions
1241823Standard-Timer female terminal0.50-1.00
1241824Standard-Timer female terminal0.50-1.00
160891Fastin-Faston 6.3 (.250) female terminal tangless0.50-1.50
927777Junior-Power-Timer female terminal1.50-2.50
927779Junior-Power-Timer female terminal0.50-1.00
927845Junior-Timer female terminal0.50-1.00
927846Junior-Timer female terminal0.50-1.00
927848Standard-Timer female terminal0.50-1.00
927850Standard-Timer female terminal1.00-2.50
927856Junior-Timer female terminal1.00-2.50
927857Junior-Timer female terminal1.00-2.50
927885CI 2/Multimate type III pin terminal
927887CPC/CI 2 soc (062 ECONOMY SOC CIC)0.50-1.00
927889CI 2/Multimate type III pin terminal1.00-2.50
927891CPC/CI 2 soc (062 ECONOMY SOC CIC)1.00-2.50

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