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    Product details Crimping- and Specialtools

    Description:Crimp hand tool Universal-Mate-N-Lok und Universal-Mate-N-Lok II, cable range 0.05-0.15mm²
    TGS Number:900001861
    Cable Diameter:AWG 30-26
    Contact Family:
    • Tyco/AMP Universal Mate-N-Lok / Commercial-Mate-N-Lok socket terminal
    • Tyco/AMP Universal Mate-N-Lok male terminal
    Standard Contacts:
    ContactDescriptionCable Dimensions
    350924Universal Mate-N-Lok male terminal0.05-0.12
    350925Universal Mate-N-Lok female terminal0.05-0.12
    770011Universal Mate-N-Lok II male terminal0.05-0.12
    770012Universal Mate-N-Lok II female unsealed terminal0.05-0.12
    770416Universal Mate-N-Lok II female unsealed terminal0.05-0.12
    770512Universal Mate-N-Lok male terminal0.05-0.12
    770672Universal Mate-N-Lok male terminal0.05-0.12
    770673Universal Mate-N-Lok female terminal0.05-0.12

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